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Burton Young


Mr. Young’s experience encompasses all facets of commercial real estate, including brokerage, asset management, leasing, acquisitions, dispositions and finance. He founded Sperry Equities and Sperry Commercial with Rand Sperry to manage, lease, buy and sell commercial real estate. Together, they have purchased, brokered and sold Billions nationwide. For Sperry Equities, Mr. Young oversees all company operations as well as the formation of partnerships, the acquisition of properties, asset management and leasing of over 10 Million square feet of office, industrial & retail property. He has personally brokered more than 150 transactions exceeding One Billion dollars in sales and is the managing partner for approximately 50 investment real estate partnerships.

Career Highlights

  • 18 years of Commercial Real Estate experience
  • Acquired and Sold More than $1 Billion in Commercial Real Estate
  • Managing Partner for Approximately 6 Million Square Feet of Commercial Property
  • Completed More than 200 Leases Since 1995
  • Closed More than 150 Escrows as an Investment Broker From 1990-2000
  • More than $350 Million in Retail Sales (1990-2000)
  • More than $650 Million in Office & Industrial Sales (1990-2000)